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The Bounty Collegium Continues to Impress at State Science Day 2020

This year at the 2020 Ohio Academy of Science’s State Science Day, The Bounty Collegium collegiates received 3 Superior and 1 Excellent rating! Three of our collegiates have been promoted to the Believe in Ohio Symposium from which 25 students were selected from thousands of Ohio stunts. Believe in Ohio is a multi-faceted program to develop student innovators. Furthermore, our Collegiates are all recipients of the Five and Six year Award, and over $5,000 worth of scholarship and special awards. Way to go Bounty!

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Filling out this form will help us gauge the potential interest in expanding our online approach to students from or beyond our local area. We have had much success in offering an online experience to our students this past Spring. We plan on taking things to the next level by introducing state of the art streaming cameras, microphones, and internet speeds. To allow for an immersive experience that will feel more like you are in the classroom. Better yet, like you are getting a personalized learning experience, which is what we do best. We have seen an efficiency of learning that gives us great comfort in our staff's ability to deliver information as well as our students willingness to learn. Through our experience we believe we can offer an excellent home schooling experience while keeping your child engaged throughout the day and much more.

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