Mission Statement

At The Bounty Collegium we strive to Think with curiosity, Feel with certainty, and Live with a purpose, all in the name of Allah (swt).

Vision Statement

In the near future, we foresee a national network of young innovators that collaborate to accelerate the innovation of humanity by creating ideas that outlive us. Upon graduation, we expect our students to be visionaries, pioneers, and leaders in an industry where they discover their highest quality of life.  

Bounty’s Dynamic

At The Bounty Collegium, our students are constantly placed in challenging situations where they feel compelled to solve for a better solution. So rather than assigning minute tasks for solely a grade point average, students are exposed to a variety of real-world experiences and, with our unwavering support, will possess the determination needed to achieve their goals. Looking from the outside in, this process may seem demanding to most adults for “children,” but the young innovators of this generation are often underestimated and are expected to be nothing more than “teenagers.” We differentiate ourselves by allowing our students to work on their passions which can evolve into something truly impactful to their local and global communities.

Our novel approach is comprised of ingenious methodologies that can be executed by young innovators including, The Circle of Consciousness, The Triangle of Truth, and The Pursuit of Passion.

  1. The Circle of Consciousness is a non-traditional curriculum that allows curious learners to critically explore the inner-workings of each subject matter through real-world application.
  2. The Triangle of Truth is an Islamic alternative that allows young Muslim men and women to enhance their spirituality by dissecting Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies simultaneously through a unified, interconnected system.
  3. The Pursuit of Passion is a novel developmental plan that provides an opportunity for young dreamers to transform their seemingly unachievable aspirations into tangible realities.

Islamic Alternative

We believe that if young innovators find a purpose that they are passionate about, their energy will subdue any physical or spiritual trials they may face, limiting the possibility of them going astray. For instance, if a student is fully occupied on an idea that he/she is passionate about, there will be limited effort remaining that can be directed towards activities that are not beneficial to their passion’s progression. As stated in Surah An-Najm, verse thirty-nine,

“And that man have only that for which he makes effort.” 

As mandated by Allah (SWT), we will be judged on the effort that we bring forth in this life. If effort is an obligation, it is sensible to concentrate one’s effort on something that one is passionate about. At The Bounty Collegium, we allow the students to pursue this noble effort. As Muslims continue to grow prominent within the United States, it is essential that we become multi-faceted people that are experts in all disciplines in order to be an impactful presence in this country.

Inside Bounty

Imagine entering an establishment known as The Bounty Collegium that is regarded as a school, but does not resemble a school in the slightest. As you begin to get accustomed to the framework of this so-called “school,” you start to understand what The Bounty Collegium truly provides. The Bounty Collegium provides a forum where young innovators have the opportunity to exchange brilliant ideas with one another and actually implement these seemingly unrealistic concepts to real-world applications. That being said, students are considered young entrepreneurs, teachers are considered department managers, and classrooms are considered conference rooms. As you force yourself to leave The Bounty Collegium, you cant help yourself but wonder what could’ve been if this “school” existed when you were younger.

If you are interested in joining The Bounty Collegium’s renowned national family, submit an application, or feel free to contact us.