In looking back over his school career, Sulaiman Mustapha realized that his experience lacked the support he would have liked for fostering his creativity and ingenuity. “I would have liked the opportunity to do cool things outside of school,” he recalled.

When his two younger sisters expressed frustration regarding their school experiences, Mustapha decided it was time to do something about it. “This school is an Islamic alternative,” he offered. “Here, we want to empower students to discover their passion and become creative and resourceful leaders inspired by Islamic principles.”

Last September, the 20-year-old opened the Bounty Collegium, an alternative nonpublic school for children grades seven, eight and nine. Next year, sixth and tenth grades will be added.

“The Bounty Collegium values real life experiences. To that end, we are partnering with local businesses who provide internships for our students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. We want our students to be exposed to several markets and to see different fields to evoke their imagination in innovation,” he stated. “The less time in the classroom, the more time students have out in the ‘real world’ to understand the value of their education. While we guarantee that these students will meet all the standards they need to graduate and excel, we will also encourage them to pursue their passions with full guidance and support from the staff.”

Mustapha continued, “Our teaching methods have come from many different influences, one being the Finland Education System, whose students are number one in the world.

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